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Precise Details offers a full suite of premium auto detailing services to clients in Southern NH and the North Shore MA. First-class professional detailing services include ceramic coatings, paint decontamination and correction, wheels off cleaning, leather coating, textile protection and restorative auto detailing. From wheels to doors and everything in-between, we pamper your baby and send it home with all its beauty and glory lovingly restored.


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We are car nerds and we believe every car deserves the same level of care. Whether you have a Golden era BMW, Porsche 911, Corvette or a Kia, we give the same level of laser focus and obsessive detail to each element of your car.


Precise Details is more than just your average detailing company, it’s a passion we’ve turned into a thriving reputable business career; a passionate car detailing service. career. We understand that there are key elements to keeping your vehicle’s exterior and interior in mint condition and we obsess over each and every detail element. Founded out of our growing obsession for all thing’s automotive, we focus on one car at at time, your car. We will never work on three or four cars at a time, just yours.


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Wheels up - Wheels Off!

Beauty is in every curve. Find it Again.

We offer bespoke wheel and tire packages. If you’re looking for new wheels, wheel restoration or decontamination. 



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Auto detailing Elements

The Ultimate Steps To Maintaining A Beautiful Vehicle




Paint correction is a first step in bringing back the shine and beauty. It’s the process of polishing or compounding the clearcoat of a vehicle’s paint to restore the original finish. Every vehicle package that we offer includes some level of paint correction, whether it is a single step or multi-step polishing process.



Protecting your vehicle’s clearcoat is important. We only use products we believe in and use on our own cars. Using protective sealants or ceramic coatings, the paint is protected from premature failure due to oxidation, UV rays, and environmental pollutants. Superior protection relies on hydrophobicity and durability. 



With proper correction and protection, we can lock in your car’s glossy glory for years with a proper wash schedule. The key is active maintenance of the protective layers we have applied. This involves regular washes and re-application of sealants to ensure longevity.

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Fill out our short form or call us at (603) 665-0012 to schedule a full vehicle detail or a la carte detail services. We do our utmost to accomodate your schedule and will contact you to set up the appointment within 24 hours.

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