Precise Details

2 Guys - a love of cars and An Obession With Details

We are a couple of guys who really love cars!


Your cars. Our cars. 

Clean cars. Dirty cars. 

All cars, really. 

Well, almost all cars. 

Our History

Precise Details was founded out of our growing obsession for all thing’s automotive. Detailing is our burning passion that we’ve been fortunate to be able to turn into a career. We’ve created more than an average/regular car detail company because your car deserves better than average.

Our Location

We are based in New Hampshire, specifically out of our shop in Atkinson, New Hampshire. We service clients and their cars from all over Southern NH and the North Shore of MA.  We will travel for certain jobs and clients. Please reach out to discuss your needs. We only work on a limited number of cars a week, please be sure to book ahead.


One Car At A Time

We obsessively focus on one car at a time, your car. We never work on three or four cars at a time, just yours. Whether you have a Golden era BMW, Porsche 911, Corvette or Kia, you enjoy the same level of laser focus, quality detail. We are car nerds and we believe every car deserves the same level of care.


As true car lovers, we understand it’s hard to leave your car with a stranger, but rest assured we are car guys through and through. Your vehicle will be treated just like it’s one of our own. We will park it inside overnight and lock it up. You car will never be driven off our property, until you drive it to take it home.


Only The Finest Car Care Products Used

We have been professionally trained and continue to study the industry to ensure that we better our skills. We use only the finest products that we have tested over and over on our own cars. The products we trust and feature include AMMO, Sonax, Gyeon, Rupes, Kamikaze and G Technique.



Meet Your Detail Team


Doug - Obsessive Detailer

Clean Cars Are My Obsession

Doug is a long time car obsessionist that can’t walk by dirty wheels without shaking his head. 



He’s been afflicted with an obsession for clean, shiny, and well protected vehicles for many years and joined up with Shawn to create Precise Details in 2019. 


From there, his mission has been to spread the joy of a clean shiny car far and wide. He lives in Atkinson with his wife and two daughters.


Shawn - Master of Paint Correction and Polishing

Detailing is My Passion

I’ve always had a car habit, owning American muscle cars, vintage BMWs, and a few European sports cars too. I am very particular about keeping my own cars clean and I bring that same attention to your car as well.
I discovered the art of paint correction and polishing on youTube and I wanted to learn more. I found Esoteric online and watched every video I could find of Todd Cooperider. I soon discovered Esoteric had an elite detailers academy.  Of course I flew to Ohio to attend. I loved learning the basics and the proper techniques from one of the best in the world, in my opinion.
After that, I polished and corrected everything I could get my hands on. I had a friend who sells used cars and I offered my services to really hone my skills and learn about the different paint types on each brand of car.  Not all paint on all cars is the same; some are soft , some are harder, some use a lot of clear and others do not.
I find it extremely relaxing and very gratifying when I am paint correcting and polishing. I view each car as my own and I get as close to perfection as possible.
Schedule A Detail Service

Fill out our short form or call us at (603) 665-0012 to schedule a full vehicle detail or a la carte detail services. We do our utmost to accomodate your schedule and will contact you to set up the appointment within 24 hours.

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