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A ceramic coating is one of the best ways to enhance the durability your vehicle’s paint while making it easier to keep clean, easier to wash, and enhancing the vehicles appearance.  Ceramic coatings help the surface of the vehicle shed water, protect it from elements like road grime and salt, as well as UV rays which can cause premature clearcoat failure.

Ceramic coatings are not a cure-all. They scratch, just like paint. The goal is to apply coatings as a protective layer to maintain the integrity of the car’s original clearcoat. Then regular maintenance can be performed on the coating and the original factory clear coat will remain locked in a preserved state.


We use products that we have tested on our own vehicles and that we believe in and can stand behind. We don’t believe in guarantees of how long it will last. We do believe in outstanding results that you will be happy with as long as you follow recommended maintenance practices or have us help you with them.


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