WHEELS UP! Wheels Off!

Bespoke wheel packages

We offer wheel polishing and protection packages that will revive the finish of your wheels and  to ensure longevity, we’ll lock in the beauty with a ceramic coating.


By meticulously cleaning each wheel and polishing it, we will bring the wheels back to life and back to showroom gloss. Applying a ceramic coat to the wheels will keep them looking shiny and beautiful for years to come. 

Wheel Detailing, Maintenance and Instruction


Using quality products is important when maintaining wheels and other elements of your vehicle.  When properly maintained, coated wheels are much easier to keep clean and looking new.  Along with our wheel detailing service, we are happy to offer Wheel Maintenance instructions. We will teach you how to maintain your wheels properly and easily.  We will help you get the products you will need.

CUSTOM Wheel Packages

Schedule A Detail Service

Fill out our short form or call us at (603) 665-0012 to schedule a full vehicle detail or a la carte detail services. We do our utmost to accomodate your schedule and will contact you to set up the appointment within 24 hours.

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